Self Service Password Reset

What is Self Service Password Reset

Our OnPremise system connects to both Microsoft365 (used to be called Office365) and Google Suite meaning there is only one account for you to remember, your account, along with one password, which is why it is so important to keep your password secure and not use anything too obvious as this account is able to access multiple systems.

The SSPR is part of the Microsoft365 system which is a trusted system to allow password write-back on to our OnPremise system. When a user resets a password is via SSPR, the Microsoft365 system tells our OnPremise system that a password change has been initiated, so the password for the OnPremise account is then reset. As we sync your account to Google Suite too, the password is then replicated over to your Google Account (3) and also replicated back to Microsoft365. All this is done automatically which means you can then access your accounts with the new password. Google do not offer the ability to write back to our OnPremise system.

How to Guide

Initial Setup:

Once registered, use this link to change your password in future: