Extreme Weather Arrangements

What to Expect in Extreme Weather

In bad weather, we always try to keep the School open and we value the support of our families in this. That said, the safety of our community is the most important consideration, therefore in circumstances of exceptional weather we may need to close the School. We would only consider this option after taking into consideration the safety of the site and of all the journeys undertaken by staff and students.

We know that it is important to communicate early with families and we try to make any decision to close before students have started their journey. If we have to close, we will reach you via:

• our School website
• our twitter feed
• a text message

We will also formally notify North Yorkshire Council who would post this on their school closure web page, from which local radio stations read out lists of closed schools. Our experience is, however, that this is not always reliable, so please check the information sources directly from us.

If there are no ‘closure’ messages, then you should assume Sherburn High School is open as usual.