Key Stage 3

In Years 7 and 8, our science curriculum provides the foundation for students to understand the world around them while also honing their practical investigative skills. They will be asked to analyse data, communicate effectively and problem solve, while gaining a solid grounding in the core areas that will be further developed, as they pursue their GCSE studies from Year 9 onwards. Students are taught in mixed ability classes.

We rotate the units between each of the Science disciplines to enable a build of Science knowledge into long term memory, using a spiral curriculum over 5 years. The rotation also exemplifies the fact that the scientific method pervades all Science and creates a common language.

Topics that are covered are;

Block 1 (Y7)

  • Cells

  • Particles

  • Energy 1

Block 2 (Y7)

  • Reproduction

  • Separating mixtures

  • Forces 1

Block 3 (Y7)

  • Respiration and breathing

  • Acids and Alkalis

  • Electricity

Block 4 (Y7)

  • Photosynthesis

  • Elements and the periodic table

  • Universe

  • Light

Block 5 (Y8)

  • Digestion

  • Metals and reactivity

  • Magnets and electromagnets

Block 6 (Y8)

  • Inheritance

  • Types of reaction

  • Energy 2

Block 7 (Y8)

  • Movement

  • Materials and the earth

  • Forces 2

Block 8 (Y8)

  • Immune response

  • Heating and cooling

  • Ecology

  • Sound