Curriculum Intent

In the Science department we are committed to the school’s stated aim of “Achievement for all”. In order to secure the very best outcomes for all learners we endeavor to provide an environment that reflects:  Everybody deserves to enjoy and understand Science. We offer a broad and balanced curriculum, that will instil a love and excitement in our students, inspiring them to become life-long learners in the subject. At Sherburn High School we see science education as a journey.  As such, our curriculum is designed to build on what students learned at primary school, supporting the development of their scientific fluency. We encourage students to see science as an interconnected web of ideas which provides them with a toolkit of approaches to use in the real world. We realize that not all of the young people in our community are going to be employed in science– related fields in later life. However, all our students are scientifically able and all of our learners will be autonomous citizens in a society that is rapidly being shaped by advances in science and technology. We passionately believe in equipping learners with the skills that they need to:

  • Communicate their ideas clearly.

  • Analyse the credibility of scientific claims made in the media.

  • Make personal life decisions based on an understanding of risk and benefit.

  • Contribute to national decision making processes with an awareness of the associated ethics, risks and benefits.

  • Solve problems using an enquiry led approach.

The curriculum that we deliver in the department has been selected so that it develops this scientific literacy of all leaners whilst also providing the skills and knowledge that are a pre- requisite of all science pathways. This may lead them to pursue scientific learning at university, or just enable them to understand and hold an opinion about scientific applications in their chosen career, or articles that they come across in the media. Science is able to inspire awe and wonder, and we use this as a hook to engage our learners, and help explain key concepts to them. Life skills such as working with others, and the practical applications of science, give a bigger picture of the subject and purpose beyond school.

Subject Curriculum Outline

Science - Years 7 - 13