Key Stage 5

AS French

Students who have chosen to continue with a language are making a serious commitment to the continuation of their foreign language studies. We expect you to have a positive work ethic and be prepared to further develop your skills of independent learning.


What can you expect from the Sherburn High Language Department?

We aim to:

• Provide opportunities to practise and develop your language both inside and out of the classroom.

• Provide a safe, secure and pleasant environment for your studies.

• Provide you with accurate and up-to-date information throughout your course to enable you to monitor your progress towards your targets.


You can expect your teachers to:

• Prepare effective lessons, showing enthusiasm for their subject.

• Ensure that lessons start and end on time and give notice of unavoidable changes.

• Give you a good idea of what the course involves and how you will be assessed.

• Be patient and approachable, showing sympathy if a genuine problem occurs.


Theme 1: Aspects of French-speaking society: current trends

Unit 1 - La famille en voie de changement

Unit 2 - La cyber-societe

Unit 3 - Le role du benevolat


Theme 2: Artistic culture in the French-speaking world

Unit 4 - Une culture fiere de son patrimoine

Unit 5 - La musique francophone contemporaine

Unit 6 - Le septieme art


Dossier cinema et litterature

Dossier Cinema: l'etude d'un film

• Discussing theme, character, social and cultural context in film

• A case study of La Haine

Dossier Litterature: l'etude d'un texte litteraire

• Discussing theme, character, social and cultural context in literature

• A case study of Kiffe Kiffe

Writing an essay about a film or a literary text