Key Stage 3


The Key Stage 3 Religious Education curriculum has been designed to allow students to develop their understanding of the different religious beliefs and worldviews of people around the world. This is done through the exploration of questions that have concerned mankind for generations and in which students are able to examine the diverse ways in which these questions can be answered.

Content overview

Year 7:
Unit 1 – Do we need to prove God’s existence?
Unit 2 – What is so radical about Jesus?
Unit 3 – How can people express the spiritual through music and art?
Unit 4 – What is good and challenging about being a religious teenager in Britain today?

Year 8:
Unit 1 – Is death the end?
Unit 2 – What is ethics?
Unit 3 – Does religion help people to be good?
Unit 4 - Is religion a power for peace or a cause of conflict in the world today?