Curriculum Intent

Mathematics equips students with uniquely powerful ways to describe, analyse and change the world. It can stimulate moments of pleasure and wonder for all students when they solve a problem for the first time, discover a more elegant solution, or notice hidden connections.

We believe that all students are mathematically able and work to support our students in becoming numerically literate learners who are able to think independently in applied and abstract ways, and can reason, solve problems and assess risks.

We strive for ‘Achievement for All’ and aspire for students to leave Sherburn as confident, competent mathematicians, who are not afraid to challenge, explore and solve problems. Students will have knowledge of the whole key stage 3 and key stage 4 curriculum and have the ability to apply their knowledge to unfamiliar situations.  We achieve this through quality teaching and a carefully designed scheme of learning. We have mapped our Year 7 curriculum with our Primary STAR MAT partners from Foundation Stage to end of KS3 to ensure a scaffolded curriculum in terms of skills and Mathematical knowledge facilitating effective transition. Years 7 and 8 Schemes of learning focus upon teaching themes and skills in depth to enable students to gain a deeper understanding, make connections across mathematical ideas and develop fluency (6 topics per year).  Year 9 builds upon student’s prior knowledge developing units of study further and interleaving topics so students can progress their mathematical reasoning and use a range of skills to solve increasingly complex problems.  We have developed 9 schemes of work that students will progress, so students can be stretched and challenged at an appropriate level. As students enter Year 11, they will follow a personalised scheme of learning that targets areas of weakness identified through thorough question level analysis from regular assessment. Students also have the option to study Statistics GCSE from year 9, and our most able students will also take the Further Mathematics GCSE.

Students should leave Sherburn having flexibility with mathematical skills to enable them to reason and explain and approach problems in different ways. We teach students to be resilient and not give up on a problem. We constantly challenge students to think and talk as mathematicians and also question ‘why’ to enable them to become critical thinkers.  

We want all students to enjoy mathematics and appreciate the beauty and power of mathematics.