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We believe that an outstanding Post-16 education comes through not only great teaching and learning but also a staff who are completely invested and driven to improve the lives of the amazing young adults in this community.

We believe that in-depth knowledge of our students both academically and pastorally is key to pushing them to achieve their potential.

We believe that the young adults of Sherburn deserve nothing less than excellence, and equally nothing less than excellence is expected of them.

We believe that students shouldn’t have to travel far to receive an excellent education.

We believe our brightest and best should stay right here within our community before moving onto the very best Universities and Apprenticeships in the UK and the World.

At Sherburn High School, our staff are completely committed to providing an outstanding education for this community. We have high expectations of our students, we know our students better than anyone else and we are proud of our Sixth Form.

So join us. Your SHS Sixth Form journey awaits you…! 

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