Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3, students investigate key issues in the History of Britain, Europe and the World, between 1066-2000.

In Year 7, the Medieval World is studied. This involves looking at key events in Britain, including Power and Control, How People Lived and the Wider World of the Middle Ages, beyond Britain.

In Year 8, the period 1600-2000 is studied. Here students look at how Britain changed from a medium sized country, off the coast of mainland Europe, to become arguably the world leader and a global ‘Superpower’ by 1900.

The positive and negatives of achieving this will be examined. The Civil War, Industrial revolution, Living and Working Conditions, Development of Empire and the Rise and abolition of the Slave Trade, are all covered.

Finally, the key events of the 20th Century World are covered. Both World Wars, the rise to power of the USA and the USSR, including Cold War tensions, as well as changing life in Britain, are investigated.

The impact of events such as 9/11 and the emergence of China as a global superpower, help to give students an overview of the world in which they are growing up.