Key Stage 4

Examination Board/Syllabus: EDEXCEL and GCSE

Tiers of Entry: There is a single, common tier of entry.

Course Content 

The course has been chosen as it gives students a challenging yet exciting training in the skills and work of the historian.  The syllabus divides down into the following areas:

PAPER 1 – Medicine from Medieval times to the Present.

This looks at the development of medical ideas and practice from the earliest times through to the present day.  The aim is to give students some understanding of the factors influencing change and progress in a different (and sometimes gruesome!) way.

Historic Environment – The Western Front The impact of trench warfare, with a focus on treatment of casualties.

PAPER 2 - The American West, 1840 - 1895. 

Students study the way in which the American West was settled and developed by various groups of people between 1840 and 1895 and the impact of this settlement on the Plains Indians.  Emphasis is placed on the reasons for the settlement of the American West, the conflicts which resulted from the clash of different cultures and life styles, and the consequences of these conflicts.

Anglo-Saxon and Norman England

How did the Norman Conquest change life in England from Anglo-Saxon times.

PAPER 3 - Germany 1918-1939.

This Unit looks at the History of Germany from the end of World War One, through the rise of Hitler and the Nazis and life in Hitler’s Germany.