School Meals

In December 2019 the new school food plan came into force and as a result we have had to change some of our meal deal choices. Our meal deal offer is now priced at £2.40.

Free School Meals Information:

If you get certain benefits, your child could also qualify for free school meals during all school years.
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Main Counter

Main meal and a sweet of the day or a drink (Radnor) Curry Pot or Panini with a Carton Drink and either a piece of fruit or yoghurt.

Snack counter

Choice of either Jacket potato & topping with a drink (Tetra juice) and piece of fruit or yoghurt, or Snack of the day with a drink and either fruit or yoghurt or a Smart Food pasta pot with choice of toppings with a drink and piece of fruit or yoghurt.

Sandwich counter

Meal deal depends on sandwich bought as prices vary but the members of staff on the sandwich the counter will always ensure that a balanced offering is available. An example is:

• A choice of sandwich from the premium/daily special range with a drink (tetra juice) and either piece of fruit or yoghurt.

Please remember that we operate cashless tills in the dining hall and that you will need to top up your child’s school meal account via ParentPay or request a PayPoint letter.  Please do not send your child to  school with cash on a daily basis.

Price Lists

For your information we have included below the list of prices for other food available from the school catering service.