Key Stage 4

Students start studding their GCSEs in Y9 following the AQA specification.  At KS4 students are taught in sets, with all sets being taught the combined trilogy content and the top few sets being taught the separate science content. Final entries for GCSE will not be made until January of Y11, this allows students to have a broad science curriculum but also sit the exams that will ensure they achieve best outcomes.

Topic covered are;

Biology Chemistry Physics
Cells (Y9) Atoms (Y9) Particles (Y9)
Organisation (Y9) Bonding (Y9) Energy (Y9)
Infection (Y10) Quantitative Chemistry (Y9) Electricity (Y9)
Bioenergetics (Y10) Chemical Change (Y10) Atomic Structure (Y10)
Homeostasis (Y10) Energy Change (Y10) Forces (Y10)
Inheritance (Y11) Rates of reaction(Y10) Waves (Y11)
Ecology (Y11) Organic Chemistry (Y10) Magnetism (Y11)
  Chemical Analysis (Y11) Space (Y11) – Separate Science only
  Earth’s Atmosphere (Y11)  
  Using resources (Y11)