Welcome to our virtual open evening!


We are disappointed to not be welcoming you in person but hope that the information contained in this page will give you a good understanding of our values and ethos.

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Sherburn High School Virtual Open Evening Q&A
October 2020


Instructions on how to watch the live Q&A

How to Join the live event from a Desktop / Laptop

1. Click on the link above once it is clickable.

2. You’ll be asked whether you would like to join via a “Windows App” or “watch on the web”. We are presuming most of you may not have the Microsoft Teams application installed on your device so please click on Watch on the web instead.


3. You will be asked to either sign in with a Microsoft Account or Join Anonymously. For ease, we recommend you join anonymously.


4. If you enter early in to the session you will be presented with “The live stream hasn’t started yet”. Please wait until the live stream starts.

5. When asking questions, we ask that you type your name in the appropriate box.


How to join the live event from a mobile device


1. We require you to download the Microsoft Teams app from your App Stores so the App will open automatically when you click on the live link.

Please install the app in advanced of the Live Stream


2. Tap on the link above once it is clickable.


3. Click on Join Meeting and enter your Name. The app will require you to Allow access to your audio.

- Please wait for the Live event to begin.


Note: If you access the Q & A section of the live event, this will add the Q&A layer on top of the video but you should still be able to hear the audio.


Note: If Microsoft Teams knows about a Microsoft account (Hotmail, live, outlook) listed on your device, you may be asked to login to the account.