16-19 Tuition Funding

16-19 Tuition Funding 21-22

​We know how enabling having Grade 4s in both Maths and English Language can be for our students' next steps. Whether it be university, apprenticeships or employment, these vital qualifications provide the building blocks for any future study or career.

Our 16-19 Tuition Funding 2021-22 will be targeted at those students who haven't achieved this as yet, and need some additional time and personalised support in order to achieve this important milestone before they make their next steps.

Specifically, any students who fail to achieve a grade 4 in either their Maths or English Language GCSEs will be provided with 1-1 tuition provided by a specialist tutors.

This will take place face-to-face in school with a tutor appointed by the the English/maths team to ensure that the quality of teaching and learning is suitable for such important intervention. This intervention will run alongside their attendance in lessons, intervention forms, Period 7 as well as other resources that are provided for students including online materials such as Hegarty Maths.

The tuition will be focused on areas for development from their PPEs, and the tutor will be asked to provide feedback to staff on their progress.