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The Information Centre provides a central learning resource base for the whole school. It aims to encourage all students to become independent learners and have a positive attitude towards learning by providing a wide range of appropriate resources in a safe, bright and stimulating environment.

In addition, it actively encourages students to partake in the many activities organised, to enrich their high school experience, promote a sense of ownership of the resources and equipment and raise their social awareness.

Supporting Teaching, Learning and Literacy

Students have access to many curriculum resources including ICT facilities throughout the day, before and after school. In addition, GCSE and Post 16 students are able to use the ICT room attached to the library at break and lunch times to support their private study and controlled assessment research needs.

Literacy is promoted throughout the year in lessons and with special projects, competitions and events.

Read To Succeed

All students in Year 7 are automatically enrolled onto the Read to Succeed scheme; a scheme to promote achievement, the joy of reading and to help students progress with vocabulary and English skills.

Rewards in the form of Vivos and Friday 5s (a visit to Mrs Williams for praise on Friday during period 5 lesson time) are given to students who persevere with their reading. Students complete a book, enter the title in their planners, have their parent/carer sign the planner, are given a stamp on their special card and when they reach 5/10/15 books etc.

they receive their reward. This then continues as they progress through school and has proven very successful over the last two years. We really do rely on parental support for this scheme as it leads to them being able to access the curriculum more readily as their skills improve.


Lunch time activities

Lunch times are never dull in The Information Centre, every week there is a word search competition to enter, the winner is drawn on Fridays and a small prize is given. All year groups have open access for research, reading and computing, allowing opportunities to gather information required for homework, reading materials and access to black and white and also colour printing facilities.

Special events

Throughout the year there are many events for students to take part in such as quizzes, author visits, fundraisers and book promotions. In the past we have had poetry competitions, Roald Dahl 100 day, fundraising events, celebration of reading and many other events. Forthcoming events include World Book Day, writing competitions and book award shadowing.

Reading Lists

These lists have been compiled purely as a guide to good quality reading for the benefit of students and parents. The lists are not exhaustive as there are so many books well worth reading that they had to be narrowed down. For avid readers, it would make sense to cross over into the year above after reading a selection from their own year group.

Mrs Hannam the Librarian is on hand to guide students in their choices and is also happy to answer questions from parents and carers should you wish to contact her. 01977 682442 or

You can search the library catalogue (Searchstar) from any computer in school; load the Internet and click on the favourites star this will load Searchstar and you will see that you are automatically logged on. Use this facility to check what you have borrowed, write reviews and search for available resources.

Reading Lists:

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