KS5 Homework

Independent study is an essential element of success in all our post-16 courses, enabling students to consolidate and extend the learning that they do in lessons.  It is a key aspect of students preparation for University. 

As a minimum, students are expected to complete an additional hour of independent study for each hour of teaching that they receive.  This includes completing work started in lessons, reading around the topic being studied and pre-learning for future topics.

Business Studies

Students are expected to complete at least 5 hours independent study per week.  This includes work set by the class teacher to consolidate their notes, read around the subject and keep up to date with relevant current affairs.

Creative Arts (Art, Photography & Textiles)

It is an expectation that post 16 students that select a creative option for A-Level will complete 5 hours of independent study on a weekly basis. This will be driven by deadlines set by the teacher. Tasks will include research, developing sketchbook work, collecting primary sources and generating portfolio work.

Design and Technology: 3D Product Design

Students are expected to lead their own independent study (Approx. 5hrs per week) Independent study time will focus on Research / Analysis /Design or Planning which will aid them in the completion of their controlled assessment  within lesson time.
Students will also be expected to undertake independent study based around exam preparation.
Homework will be twice a week or when is deemed necessary for progression. Student will also receive a assessment based on exam preparation once every three weeks which will be tracked internally for
progression towards the exam element of the course.


At KS5 students will be set several hours of work per week by class teachers but should also be reading around the subject, consolidating their understanding of class notes and consuming a wide range of texts relevant to their course.


Homework will be set every lesson and will take approximately the same amount of time as the lesson.  This will entail further reading, research, lesson preparation, exam practise and assessed extended writing.  Some tasks will be set to consolidate and extend on classroom learning.

Health and Social Care

At KS5 home learning will vary depending on the module being studied.  Homework tasks will be set weekly.  These may include research for assignments, DIRT work to use feedback to improve marked assignments and exam-based questions.


A level historians are set homework on a regular basis including background reading and making notes on new content.  Students will complete one assignment every three weeks.
In addition, our year 13 students will use much of their independent study time to prepare the coursework element of their qualification

Information and Communication Technology

Homework will usually be set every fortnight and tasks will often include designing and reviewing controlled assessment and self-evaluating completed controlled assessment tasks.


AS and A level maths students are set work every lesson.  This includes, completing exercises started in lesson, assignments of past-exam paper questions, using a mark scheme to mark work and then making corrections (DIRT) to any errors.
In addition, students are expected to use their textbook to supplement their understanding of topics that they have found challenging, by completing additional questions. All exam past exam papers (an invaluable source of revision support) can be found at  https://www.aqa.org.uk/find-past-papers-and-mark-schemes.

Physical Education

In Physical Education at Sherburn High School we place a significant emphasis on the importance of home learning. Over the course of the academic year, A-Level students will be given a range of weekly challenges designed to improve their understanding of their subject, including:

Revision for upcoming exams
Research-based tasks to prepare for new topics
Spelling tests
Exam-style questions linked to classroom learning
Additional reading tasks from articles and recommended books


For Biology, Chemistry and Physics A level students are expected to complete as much independent study as their lesson hours (i.e. approximately five hours per week).  This includes consolidation of new learning, independent research and assignments to further develop their understanding of the course materials.