KS4 Homework

Homework is an essential part of learning and helps to consolidate skills learned in lessons as well as promoting independent study. Therefore, as a school, we are committed to providing students with regular homework that is interesting, creative and relevant. Homework may take a variety of forms including, completion of work begun in class, research, revision, generating new ideas, reading or practising a new skill.

The school’s Assessment and Homework policy outlines how work will be marked and is available on our website.

Homework is set and uploaded to Google Classroom, allowing you to keep a track of what your son/daughter has been set and when this has been submitted.

You can expect homework to be given as follows:

Creative Arts (Art, Photography & Textiles)

Students that select a Creative Arts option at GCSE will be expected to complete approximately 2 hours work per fortnight. This will vary depending on the content of the extended learning tasks being studied in lessons.


Students are set homework on a weekly basis.  This will be to consolidate skills learned in lessons.
In addition, students are expected to revise for end of topic and end of term tests.  We encourage students to use www.mymaths.co.uk, BBC bitesize  and the PiXL Maths app to help with this.
Revision guides are available on Parent Pay for year 11 students to help with their GCSE revision preparation.


Students in KS4 will be set weekly homework in English. This may be one larger piece or more than one smaller piece. It may be formal written work, reading and notemaking, research, improvements to work or revision tasks. 
Revision guides are available to purchase through Parent Pay at the start of the year to aid revision and independent study.


Students will be set one piece of homework for each science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) over a two week cycle (equivalent to three pieces of homework per fortnight).  Homework will usually involve consolidation of new learning or independent research linked to future. Learners may also be asked to act on feedback that they have received on written work and in assessments.


There are three or four Key Assessments set per term. Other homework tasks will be set weekly, with a mix of written tasks and research.


Homework will be set once every fortnight. For students in year 11 this will almost always be personalised exam practice. For students in years 9 and 10 this will combine exam practice, consolidation of learning, stretch and challenge work, research and preparation for upcoming learning.

Modern Foreign Languages

Homework is set at least once a week in any of the four language skills( listening, speaking, reading or writing). Revision guides and dictionaries are also available on parent pay. Pupils are provided with language mats and vocabulary sheets as and when required. We recommend that pupils spend at least 45 minutes to one hour of homework, a week minimum. We also encourage pupils to visit website such as languages online to further their understanding of vocabulary and grammar.

Food Preparation and Nutrition / Design and Technology: Product Design

A number of research and design tasks will be set in years 9 and 10 to build on theoretical and practical knowledge in preparation for GCSE. When your child begins their GCSE coursework they will complete Research / Analysis /Design or Planning which will aid them in the completion of their controlled assessment  within lesson time. Students will also be expected to undertake independent study based around exam preparation. Homework will be once a week or when is deemed necessary for progression.

Information and Communication Technology

Homework for year 10 and 11 is set every fortnight and tasks include planning, designing and reviewing coursework tasks.  For examined units of work homework consists of personalised exam practice using past exam papers and model answers to self-assess.  For year 9, homework tasks will be a combination of coursework planning and preparation for upcoming learning.

Performing Arts

Homework will be set on a weekly basis for Music and will be centred on planning for rehearsals and live performances. Students are expected to undertake independent study to supplement this.

Homework will also be set on a weekly basis for Drama. This will vary depending on the content of the extended learning tasks being studied in lessons. In addition to this, students will receive a weekly spelling test to support their development of subject vocabulary.

Health and Social Care

Students are expected to carry out a number of research and assignment based activities throughout the year.  In addition they will regularly complete exam-based revision and preparation when externally assessed units are being studied.  This homework will be more regular with tasks being set twice per fortnight.

Business Studies

Homework based on exam topics will be set weekly and some independent tasks will be expected for students in year 11 who are preparing for their controlled assessment.

Physical Education

In Physical Education at Sherburn High School we place a significant emphasis on the importance of home learning. Over the course of the academic year, GCSE PE students will be given a range of weekly challenges designed to improve their understanding of their subject, including: 

Revision for upcoming exams

Research-based tasks to prepare for new topics
Spelling tests
Exam-style questions linked to classroom learning
Additional reading tasks from articles and recommended books