KS3 Homework

Homework is an essential part of learning and helps to consolidate skills learned in lessons as well as promoting independent study. Therefore, as a school, we are committed to providing students with regular homework that is interesting, creative and relevant. Homework may take a variety of forms including, completion of work begun in class, research, revision, generating new ideas, reading or practicing a new skill.

The school’s Assessment and Homework policy outlines how work will be marked and is available on our website.

Homework is set and uploaded to Google Classroom, allowing you to keep a track of what your son/daughter has been set and when this has been submitted. 

Key Stage 3 Homework Timetable

You can expect homework to be given as follows:


Students are set homework on a weekly basis.  This will be to consolidate skills learned in lessons.
In addition, students are expected to revise for end of topic and end of term tests.  We encourage students to use Maths Genie and BBC Bitesize to help with this.


Students are set homework on a weekly basis. This may be one larger piece or more than one smaller piece. It may be formal written work, reading and note-making, research or improvements to work.


Students are set homework on a weekly basis. In addition, learners may also be asked to act on feedback that they have received on written work and in assessments.

Geography & History

Homework will be set on a weekly basis. Tasks will include consolidation of learning, stretch and challenge work, research and preparation for upcoming learning.

Modern Foreign Languages

Homework is set weekly - either learning or writing in the foreign language by their classroom teacher. All pupils have an ex.book and are provided with vocabulary sheets or mats by their respective teachers, as and when required.

Revision guides and dictionaries are also available on parent pay. We encourage all our linguists to practise new vocabulary and structures weekly, in addition to the set homework. We would like pupils to spend at least 30 minutes per homework. We also encourage pupils to visit website such as languages online to further their understanding of vocabulary and grammar.

Creative Arts (Art & Design, Product Design, Food Technology and Art Textiles)

The subjects above are on a rotation. Students are set homework once every two weeks and the tasks set will vary. They may be key assessed pieces, your child will be informed if they are.

Performing Arts, Music and Religious Studies

Students are set homework once every two weeks.

Information and Communication Technology

Homework will be set every fortnight. Tasks will be based around the use of ICT in our everyday lives, ICT in the news and current affairs as well exploring how young people can stay safe when using new technologies. We also encourage students to use BBC bitesize to help with key terminology.

Physical Education

In Physical Education at Sherburn High School, we place a significant emphasis on the importance of home learning. Over the course of the academic year, PE students will be given a range of weekly challenges designed to improve their understanding of their subject.

Revision for upcoming exams

Research-based tasks to prepare for new topics
Spelling tests
Exam-style questions linked to classroom learning
Additional reading tasks from articles and recommended books