Key Stage 4

Rockschool Level 2 Music Practitioner in Performance

The Music department has recently celebrated excellent results of 100% equivalent of A*-C from the Level 2 Music Practitioner (Performance) qualification. The course was first introduced in 2015-2016, and all pupils who were entered either achieved or exceeded their target grades.

This course is purely practical. Assessment is 100% coursework inclusive of controlled assessment (performance). The course is structured into 3 units of manageable practical workshops.

Units of Study

     Music Rehearsal Skills

     Live Music Performance - External Core

     Recorded Music Performance

Unit 1 – Live Music Performance (Examined Unit)

Students will be required to commit to a 15-minute live performance in front of an audience. This performance will take place in the evening. This is an external assessment. The performance will be recorded and will be marked externally by an examiner. Without this unit, students cannot be entered for the qualification.

Learning Outcomes

1. be able to plan for a live performance
2. be able to demonstrate, in collaboration with others, the skills to perform a set in a specific live environment to a target audience
3. be able to reflect on their performance and consider ways to improve future performances


Unit 2 – Music Rehearsal Skills

This unit runs alongside the live music performance. Students will maintain a rehearsal diary demonstrating their preparation for a 15-minute performance.


Learning Outcomes

1. Demonstrate the skills to rehearse effectively for a specific music performance and identify strengths and areas for development


Unit 3 – Recorded Music Performance

Students will record 8 minutes (minimum 3 songs) of music, using a multitrack recorder. Songs recorded must be different to those performed in Unit 1.


Learning Outcomes

1. Demonstrate skills to perform music in a recording studio environment and identify strengths and areas requiring further development


During year 9 and 10, students will be set mini projects that link directly to the units. This projects will support the development of musicianship skills as well as their understanding of the expectations required to be successful on the course. The final completion of the units will take place in Year 11.