English Courses

We currently offer three pathways

Course Content:

This course involves reading, writing, speaking and listening. You will study a range of texts, both fiction and non-fiction and you will also have the opportunity to produce your own texts, using your creative writing skills and your ability to write in different styles and for different audiences. There is lots of opportunity for discussion and debate throughout the course and you will also be assessed on your speaking and listening skills as part of the English Language GCSE.

Option 1: GCSE English

Assessed by a written examination and controlled assessments:

Unit 1: Understanding and Producing Non-Fiction texts

Unit 2: Speaking and Listening.

Unit 3: Understanding and Producing Creative Texts – 3 separate written assessments based on work related to a P

Option 2: GCSE English with option of GCSE Media Studies in Year 11

English Language: 1 exam. 5 written assessments. 3 oral assessments.

You will be assessed in three different ways:

- Unit 1: An exam, which counts for 40% of the GCSE. This is two hours long and involves you writing about three non-fiction texts and two writing tasks, each focussed on a different form, audience and purpose.

- Unit 2: Speaking and Listening. This counts for 20% of the GCSE. You will submit three tasks for this unit, although you will probably do more!

- Unit 3: Controlled assessment, which counts for 40% of the GCSE. There are 5 Controlled Assessments which are spread across the two year course. These assessments will be linked to texts which are studied in class. They will include prose, poetry and drama.

You will be taught English Language GCSE and English Literature GCSE together, and some of the tasks you do for English Language can also count as part of the English Literature GCSE.

English Literature

English Literature: 2 exams. 1 written assessment.

Unit 1: Exploring Modern texts is assessed by a 1 hour 30 minute written examination which tests students on a Modern Prose or Drama text, and a novel from another culture.
This accounts for 40% of the total marks

Unit 2: Poetry Across Time is assessed by a 1 hour 15 minute written examination which tests students on a range of modern and heritage poetry, including one unseen poem.
This accounts for 35% of the total marks

Unit 3: The Significance of Shakespeare and the English Literary Heritage is assessed by a controlled assessment lasting 3 to 4 hours. It tests students on a Shakespeare play and a Literary Heritage Novel, and accounts for 25% of the total marks.

Some students will be entered for the English GCSE course.
This course involves completing fewer written assessments but still covers all the same areas as the dual entry route.