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Primary to Secondary Transition at Sherburn High School



Sherburn High School open day for prospective students

Open mornings for prospective parents

Early transition day for all Year 6 students regardless of preference


New Year 6 students choose their secondary school preferences.


Year 6 students find out their allocated secondary school and secondary schools are sent roll numbers.  Sherburn High School sends a welcome letter to all our new students.


The Transition Leader, Mrs Hayley Oakes, and the Inclusion Leader, Mrs Carroll Atkinson visit the Year 6 teacher to discuss each individual student and their needs.  Mrs Oakes then also visits all on roll Year 6 students to discuss the transition process.  


Year 6 parents are invited to a What happens now? parent forum to make clear what lies ahead in the next few months of transition.
Mrs Oakes assigns new roll students to one of the four school Houses – Bramham, Harewood, Lotherton or Newby.  The House Achievement Leaders then work with the Transition Leader to assign a form.  This is done based on the information shared about the students by their Year 6 teacher to ensure a suitable form placement.


Bespoke transition packages begin for the most vulnerable Year 6 students as identified by the primary schools.


New parents meeting to showcase the Year 7 residential trip.

Students begin an exciting 3-week transition programme at the high school which was trialled with great success.  During this 3-week programme, students take part in lots of different activities to prepare them for life at Sherburn High School.  From, team-building days to timetabled lessons, orienteering around the school and various exciting subject-based activities. 

New Year 7 parents are invited to a transition market place where they can meet their child’s form tutor, House Leader and also to purchase items of school uniform and collect information.  Parents are also given a survival guide on this evening because transition can be a difficult process for you too!

Parents are invited to a showcase of the work the Year 7 students have produced over the transition period.


New Year 7 parents are invited to a Parents breakfast at the start of the school day (8:20am) on (Date TBC) to address any concerns or questions that have arisen over the summer break.

Additional Transition Events

We like to ensure that students become as comfortable at the high school as soon as possible, so we put a number of additional events in place to allow our new students to become familiar with the site and some of our members of staff.

•    When music and drama productions are taking place feeder primary school pupils are regularly invited to the high school to watch.

•    STEM (science, technology and engineering workshops) are provided by Sherburn High school for parents and pupils in feeder primary schools

•    Sherburn High School ‘rollolab’ visits all feeder primaries at least once during the academic year to work with pupils. 

•    The Headteacher, Mrs Maria Williams visits all feeder primary schools to speak to Year 5 (and often Y4) pupils who will be potentially applying to Sherburn High during the following academic year.

•    ‘Forensic science’ days are run by the Sherburn High School Science, Mathematics, Geography and Design departments.  Here, Y5 students attend the high school and take part in fun, educational activities for a whole school day.

Additional Transition Provision for Vulnerable Students

We understand that some students find the move to high school more difficult than others, so we ensure that our most vulnerable students are cared for and monitored consistently during the whole transition process.

•    Visits for SEN students with their primary school Teaching Assistant on a regular basis in the run up to the transition days (including lunchtime visits).  This allows students to become increasingly familiar with the high school and the new experiences that they will face such as the school bell and the change-over of lessons.  These students will also be introduced to the Here to Learn Unit where they can go for support whenever they need it.

•    The Sherburn High SENCO visits primary school to discuss individual needs of SEN students with the relevant member of staff at the primary school.




Here at Sherburn High School we have been running an innovative transition programme since 2015. This is a 3-week programme in the last three weeks of the summer term where students complete their primary school time and come to Sherburn High school as Year 7 students for the final three weeks of the year. Within these three weeks they complete a mixture of team-building activities and their normal school timetable. They have a buddy from the previous Year 7 cohort who is on hand at all meetings and events to provide support and assistance over their first year at the high school. This type of transition programme ensures that rules and systems are in place and embedded before the full September start and has been exceptionally well received by parents, students and teachers alike.


“We’ve been very impressed with the organisation of the process.  The school have made her very welcome and she has settled in with no problems.  A great idea - I’m very happy it has been implemented.” (New Year 7 parent)


“I’ve really enjoyed transition. I feel much older and I’ve gained a sense of independence.” (New Year 7 student)


“It’s been helpful for me to find my way around.  I’m also less worried and no longer scared about starting high school.”  (New Year 7 student)


“My child was excited to start high school anyway so 3 weeks made her day!”  (New Year 7 parent)



Allocation…What happens next?

We fully recognise that the move from primary school to high school can be as daunting yet exciting for you as it is for your child.  Therefore, we feel it to be important that you have a clear understanding of how the transition process works.

Ultimately, until the summer there is very little for you to do. However, it is worth you knowing what will be happening behind the scenes.  Myself (Mrs Oakes – Transition Leader) and Mrs Atkinson (Inclusion Leader) arrange to go and speak to the Year 6 teachers.  Here we discuss each individual student who will be on our roll.  We talk about their likes and dislikes, the things they are good at and not so good at and any help they might need with the transition process or with their learning in general.  This information is kept confidentially by myself and Mrs Atkinson with key and important details being disseminated to the House Leaders, and relevant academic information going to Curriculum Leaders. We have found that having such information allows us to set your child up successfully in their learning and in their transition year in general.  Ultimately though,  we do recognise that this is a fresh start for your child and an awful lot of growing up and changes take place between the children leaving primary school and beginning high school but this information from the primaries is incredibly useful for us in terms of getting to know your child a little before we meet them.

We also use this data to place your child into one of our four houses – Bramham; Harewood; Lotherton or Newby.  Firstly, we place students who have older brothers and sisters here into the same house.  This is so that communication is easier for you as you only have to deal with one House Leader for all your children.  However, it is worth mentioning that if an older sibling is due to leave from Year 11 or Year 13 we do not guarantee that we will place your younger child in the same house.  Once siblings have been placed we then place all the other children in one of the four houses.  Again, this isn't just a random placement.  Using the information from the Year 6 teachers and working with the House Achievement Team I work to put students into houses that I think will help them achieve their full potential and then from there into forms with a form tutor that can unlock that potential.  All being well, that form tutor will stay with their form indefinitely and get to know each student really well.  This means that by the time your child enters Year 13 it is their form tutor who knows them inside out that is writing the reference on their University or job application.

We have worked really hard over recent years to make sure that every element of school has your child at the heart.  One big change we made a number of years ago (2011) was the move into vertical forms.  This means that from 8:40 to 9:00 your child has ‘form’.  Within the form there are approximately 20 to 25 students from all year groups.  We have found this to be a resounding success as the younger children have role models to look up to and to watch out for them during their first few weeks and months at the school.  Each form is part of a house and each house is run by a house leader with a house coordinator for day to day support.  We want your child from the very first day to feel a part of their house and to know that their house achievement team is there for anything they might need.  And for you too!  As far as we are concerned you are part of our school now and you can contact us whenever you need no matter how small the issue seems to be.  When your child begins the high school there are a number of people you can get in touch with from the form tutor for basic issues, the house leader for more serious issues or the subject teacher for subject based issues. 

Then, once houses and forms have been allocated, I return to the primary schools in the spring term to talk to the children.  This is where I take lots of information with me that they will need on the days they come up to us for transition.  It is really useful therefore that on the day they come home with all this information you sit with them and go through it.  This information will tell them what will be happening on the transition days and what they need to bring with them.  I will also give them bus timetables and temporary bus passes for the days in case their council pass has not arrived by this point.  They will do lots of activities across the transition process but will also spend most of the time in their normal September timetable.  However, as far as we are concerned, they are part of our school from that very first transition day.  Therefore, we would very much like it if your child could wear our house summer polo shirt during the transition days. Whilst we are not going to make this compulsory because we understand that sometimes money constraints can hold back something being bought immediately, we feel that by wearing the summer polo shirt our new Year 7 students will feel part of our school community from the moment they arrive.  You can find the polo shirt order form in the Important Documents section and I would strongly encourage you to purchase as soon as possible.  You will also find an admissions form which again, needs filling in (front and back) at your earliest convenience and retuning to the school.  Now you might be wondering how it's possible to order a house polo shirt when many of you don't know what house your son or daughter is going to be in.  However, we can easily sort out who needs which colour and then when I go visit the children at their primary, along with all of the letters I will give them, I will also bring their polo shirt ready to be worn on their transition days.  They can continue to wear their primary uniform on the bottom half.

Finally, I would like to make clear that to me, transition begins as soon as you receive your school allocation and continues through to the end of year 7.  It certainly doesn't stop on the first day of Year 7.  Indeed, our transition process continues until the students graduate out of Year 7 and into Year 8 showing they have the skills and resilience to be a fully-fledged member of our school community.  That is why I would encourage you to ask about anything that you're unsure of and to get in touch whenever you might need to.





During transition, students take part in various activities alongside their normal school timetable. 

Sample timetable:


The Aims of PIXL Edge

1. We want students to understand the importance of LORIC (Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative and Communication) which we call attributes. 

2. We want students to know what these attributes mean in practice at various levels 

3. We want each student to begin development of these activities from Year 7 through discrete and cross-curricular teacher and engagement in activities 

4. We want each student to have a personal plan using two activities across each attribute with which they will engage over the next two years 

5. We want students to be able to develop an awareness and appreciation for their unique skillsets, and understand how to play to their strengths and develop areas of weakness 

6. We believe that our Year 7 students may reach Apprentice level by mid 2019, and the rest over the following 12 months. 


An exciting new residential will take place at Castle Howard with the Bushcraft Company.  More information to follow.




On Monday 2nd July there will be an opportunity to attend an informal ‘marketplace’ at the high school where you will be able to meet and talk to your child’s House Achievement Leader; to buy uniform from our partner uniform store and also to buy certain parts of uniform that we sell here in school.

If you would like to avoid the queues, we strongly recommend that you order the uniform that we sell (ties; blazer badges; polo shirts; rugby shirts; sports socks) in advance.  This can be done online via Parent Pay by 3pm on Monday 2nd July for you to collect on the evening.  All other items of uniform will be available to buy from the uniform shop, which will also be there on the evening.

The school requirements for PE kit are listed below.

PE and Games Wear - All clothing and equipment should be named



If hair is long it should be tied back for practical lessons.  Extremes of colour, style, words and patterns shaved into the hair are inappropriate for school. Outdoor coats are not to be worn in school.

The wearing of jewellery is dangerous and therefore not allowed, but if children have pierced ears they may wear one set of studs.
All students are required to bring the correct kit to their PE lesson even if they have a note to be excused. This will allow excused students to assist in the lesson with tasks such as coaching, officiating, setting up of equipment and assisting the teacher with tasks such as measuring and timing.
If a student refuses to borrow kit, even with a note they will be sanctioned via the departmental system which could result in isolation.


We recognise that it is both important and useful to have a list of contacts for relevant members of staff in the school.  All members of staff can be contacted via reception on the main school telephone number 01977 682442 and a message will be left with that member of staff to return your call.  Alternatively, all staff can be also contacted via email.  Listed below are the email addresses of the House Achievement Teams and also the curriculum leaders.  I have also included next to their name, their school initials as they appear on your child’s timetable.

If you wish to speak to someone regarding specific issues with your Year 7 child, please either contact myself (Mrs Oakes) or your child’s House Leader.  If you wish to speak to someone regarding a subject specific query, please contact your child’s subject teacher, or the Curriculum Leader for that Department.

Achievement Team:

Mrs Hayley Oakes (Transition Leader & Year 7 Stars & Skills Teacher)

Mrs Carroll Atkinson CAN (Inclusion Leader/SEN)

Miss Pui Ma PMA (Acting Pastoral Leader)

Mrs Lorraine Geldard LGD (House Achievement Leader – Harewood)

Mrs Andrea Liversidge ALE (Senior House Achievement Leader & House Achievement Leader – Bramham)

Ms Emma Wadsworth EWH (House Achievement Leader – Lotherton)

Mrs Jill Smith JSH (Senior House Achievement Leader & House Achievement Leader – Newby)

Curriculum Leaders:

English – Mrs D Davies DDS –

Maths – Miss L Beardsworth LBS –

Science – Mr C Hampton CHN –

History – Mr K Shanks KSS – kristian.shanks​

Geography – Mr D Sladen DSN –

ICT – Miss P Ma PMA –

PE – Mr D Grannon DGR –

DT – Mrs L Jamieson –

Business  - Miss S Oates –





Admission Forms:


These forms can be completed and returned or emailed to:



Sherburn High School

Garden Lane

Sherburn In Elmet

LS25 6AS

Tel: 01977 682442



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