A-Level Business

With a focus on helping you to become a good decision maker, you will learn essential managerial skills alongside techniques to help you become an analytical problem solver. You will become more aware of the world in which you live and the strong influence that business can have on all of us. The course has a strong quantitative content designed to develop your mathematical skills in a business context. These skills are all highly sought after and valued in a wide range of careers.

Progression Routes

Many students go on to take business related courses at university, or go into careers in Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Fashion, Sports Marketing, Customer Service as well as Administration and Law. This course can enhance whatever further study or employment you choose.

Programme of Study

The AQA A-Level Business Studies programme will be assessed externally and focusses on 10 units.

Year 1 – 6 units

Unit 1 What is business?

Unit 2 Managers, leadership and decision making

Unit 3 Decision making to improve marketing performance

Unit 4 Decision making to improve operational performance

Unit 5 Decision making to improve financial performance

Unit 6 Decision making to improve human resource performance

Year 2 – 4 units

Unit 7 Analysing the strategic position of a business

Unit 8 Choosing the strategic direction

Unit 9 Strategic methods

Unit 10 Managing strategic change


Study methods

Business Studies is a vocational skill as well as an academic subject. You must be prepared to put a lot of time into working on practical case studies, improving your knowledge of current affairs as well as essay technique, quantitative skills and lots of revision to ensure success.

How will I be assessed?

100% examination - 3 examinations at the end of Year 13

Paper 1: 2-hour exam (33.3%) – Includes 15 Multiple choice questions, short answer questions and two essay questions

Paper 2: 2-hour exam (33.3%) – 3 data response questions worth around 33 marks each consisting of 3 or 4 part questions.

 Paper 3: 2-hour exam (33.3%) – One case study followed by approximately 6 long answer questions.



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