At key stage 4, students study GCSE Business; this is now an option subject beginning in Year 9.

GCSE Business Studies Single Award

EDEXCEL 2BS01 (Until June 2018) then EDEXCEL 1BS0 (9-1 grading)

Business Studies is an exciting course which offers the opportunity to learn what is involved in working within the business world.

In Year 9 you will start to build the foundations of your business knowledge and look at why and how people start up businesses. You will also have the opportunity to do this for yourself with the Micro-Tyco business competition. In Year 10 you will be introduced into the world of small businesses and will look at what makes someone a successful small business person. In Year 11, we move on to look at how to build a business and cover four main functions in the context of larger businesses: marketing, operations, finance and people. By the end of the course you will have a solid understanding of how businesses operate.

The course is split into 3 units over the three years:

Year 9 Introduction to Business and Unit 1

Introduction to Small Business and Micro- Tyco competition.

Year 10 Unit 1:

Introduction to Small Business and a controlled assessment.

Unit 2: (Old specification only)

Investigating Small Business (controlled assessment). This is carried out over a number of weeks, in which you research and investigate one aspect of a small business. You then write up your research, analysis and conclusions in class time under examination conditions over approximately 6 lessons.

Year 11 Unit 3:

Building a Business. Unit 1 & 3 are externally examined at the end of year 11. Unit 1 accounts for 25% of your total GCSE mark and Unit 3 accounts for 50% of the total GCSE mark. The further 25% of your total GCSE mark is from the controlled assessment.

New specification (first examined in 2019) – 100% examination.



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