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About Sherburn High School

Sherburn High School is situated in an attractive position on the western fringes of the village of Sherburn in Elmet, which lies in the M1/A1/A64 corridor between Leeds and York. First class housing and education choices, and a wide range of leisure opportunities are also available. We are a thriving school community that is big enough to deliver but small enough to care.

The school boasts a sports hall and gymnasium, large playing fields and an indoor heated swimming pool. The school offers an extensive range of lunchtime clubs and activities. The school aims to create and maintain a happy and purposeful working atmosphere through good quality relationships between students, staff, parents, governors and the community at large.

School Values & Ethos:

‘Achievement for All’


• Providing an entitlement to challenging and enjoyable learning experiences

• Having high expectations of everyone

• Developing confident, ambitious and determined learners who take pride in everything they do

• Ensuring that everyone feels safe, secure and happy to be at school

• Promoting the acquisition of life skills and a growth mind-set

• Valuing and celebrating each individual’s progress and effort

• Supporting, guiding and inspiring each individual in order to maximise their potential

• Expecting personal responsibility and respect for others

• Developing strong partnerships with other schools and the wider community

We believe that everyone matters

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School Day:


School Code

At Sherburn we aim to:

Show consideration for everyone in school
Have all the necessary equipment for each lesson
Enter school buildings sensibly and safely
Respect the property of other people
Be dressed appropriately in school uniform
Use every opportunity to learn
Remember to listen before we speak
Notice and appreciate each other’s achievements

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Students should always be commended for good behaviour. At Sherburn High School we believe that students learn by praise, reward and celebration of achievement. The list below illustrates the various rewards that are given out in school:
1. Verbal and non-verbal praise by staff. 

2. Stamps and comments in books and planners. 

3. Positive letters home / Postcards / Good News Cards

4. Achievement points / comments on Sims

5. Public recognition of achievement: assembly, newsletters, annual Celebration Evenings, and press releases.

6. Group achievement recognition: Inter-house trophies based on attendance, sporting and other competitions and vivos. 

7. Individual effort / achievement recognised by Vivos, leading to Reward Prizes. Vivo totals shown in assemblies. 

8. Form groups will be rewarded for behaviour and attendance with breakfasts.

9. Termly certificates awarded in assemblies.

10. Headteacher nomination by subject staff to see the Headteacher Friday lesson 5 with outstanding work and details published on website.


Verbal Praise  

We all like to know when we are doing well and we hope that members of staff will tell the students when their work or behaviour is good. 

Stamps and comments in books and planners:

Staff will let students know when effort / achievement has been good for class / homework via a comment or a stamp in the students’ book / planner.

Achievement points / Sims comments:

Staff are able to record positive comments on the lesson monitor system and achievement points – these are recorded on the student’s Sims profiles.  The achievement team celebrate these comments / points in assemblies and on an individual basis with students.


Attendance Certificates will be awarded to students who achieve 100% attendance in a half term, a whole term and a full year.
Vivos will be awarded on a weekly basis for each individual student with 100% attendance.

Headteacher Nominations:

A Headteacher Nomination is awarded by a subject teacher for students who produce outstanding work. These will be recorded in the Headteacher’s Book of Excellence and will be recognised on the school website as student stars of the week.

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Home/School Agreement

During the time students are with us at Sherburn High we believe that it is very important that a spirit of trust and co-operation is built up between teachers, parents and young people.  This agreement sets out some of the specific ways in which we can all play our part to achieve this positive atmosphere expressing the willingness of all concerned to work together for the benefit of all young people in the school.

The school will

•provide a caring, supportive environment in which each individual is valued

•provide a full and balanced curriculum which, as far as is possible, educates each student to the best of his/her ability

•provide records and information about each child’s educational progress as well as the child’s development in other areas of school life.

•arrange regular meetings with each child’s teachers and be available at other times when concerns or questions arise, keeping parents informed about problem areas.

•refer vulnerable students to external agencies with parental/student consent. Agencies can offer advice and information to young people without the consent of a parent but will always aim to involve parents where possible.


Parents will

• ensure that their child attends school regularly and punctually, avoiding holidays during term time and providing school with a note to cover any absence

• arrange any appointments out of school hours

• support and work with the school and encourage a positive attitude to education

• support the discipline procedures of the school

• support the school ethos of homework, discussing it with their child when signing the student planner each week

• ensure that their child meets school requirements regarding uniform and general appearance and has appropriate equipment for each day

• let the school know of any concerns about their child’s education, attend meetings at school to discuss progress and to learn about the work of the school, inform school of any factors which may affect their child’s performance in school

• ensure that their child attends any after school detentions that are issued and can get home safely

• support School Policies, e.g. Behaviour Policy

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Classroom expectations

1. Always be punctual, wait quietly and be fully equipped, ready to work. 

2. Follow instructions first time - every time. 

3. No loud talking, interrupting, teasing or name-calling. 

4. Keep feet, hands and objects to yourself. 

5. Stay on task and allow others to do so. 

6. No mobile phones, iPods or MP3 players to be switched on or visible in lessons. 

7. Wear the Sherburn High School uniform correctly at all times. No non-uniform items permitted. 

8. No eating, including chewing gum or drinking, with the exception of water. 

9. Show respectful and tolerant behaviour and language towards other students and adults in the classroom.

1. Obey staff instructions without comment. 

2. Walk on the left in an orderly fashion.  

3. Wear the Sherburn High School uniform correctly at all times - no non-uniform items permitted. 

4. No running or shouting. 

Any student breaking our rules will be issued a corresponding consequence – the rules and consequences are articulated below.
The following consequence sequence of poor behaviour and sanctions will be displayed in every classroom.


The school recognises its legal duties under the Equality Act 2010, in respect of safeguarding and in respect of pupils with special educational needs (SEND).



Homework should be handed in on the date requested. Failure to do so will result in sanctions including a detention. Failure to hand in 3 homework's in any week will result in a text to your parents informing them of this situation.

Homework is both important and necessary. Homework done regularly throughout secondary school can be equivalent to an additional year of study!

Try to do your homework at the same time each day in a quiet place where you are free from distraction.

You are likely to achieve more by working regularly for relatively short periods (say 1 hour at a time) than in a single long session when your concentration will lapse.

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Sherburn High School Marking and Feedback Policy

The school has a new assessment and homework policy that clearly outlines how your childs work will be marked. Please use the following link to access this policy. Marking and Feedback Policy


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School Uniform

The wearing of school uniform is required both during school hours and travelling to and from school.

All students are expected to maintain a high standard of personal appearance. The following is Sherburn High School uniform:
Black Sherburn High School blazer with our name and logo on the breast pocket, sleeves rolled down.  A school badge is available to be sewn onto the left breast pocket of a traditional style school blazer.  Fashion jackets or suit style jackets are not permitted.  All students’ blazers must display the SHS badge.
Plain white collared shirt, with the top button done up and tucked in at the waistband;
House tie, clipped onto the shirt collar, graffiti free;
Optional, black 'V' necked jumper;
Plain black leather shoes - no boots or trainers allowed. Every year it is necessary to update our footwear guidance to keep pace with the manufacturers’ changing offer. Shoes need to be below the ankle in plain black leather. Shoes should not have brown, or other coloured, soles even if they are black in the main. 
We do not allow canvas shoes, trainers or pumps (whether fabric or leather). Anything with a visible logo is not allowed, and neither are the branded fashion products including those from Vans, Converse, Kickers, Nicholas Deakins, or Adidas Stan Smith


The wearing of the school blazer (apart from with summer uniform) is compulsory when moving around the school but may be removed in lessons at the discretion of the teacher. The wearing of a school jumper or cardigan is optional. The school blazer should be worn with the school badge.

School cardigan and jumpers

Cardigans are to be black and waist length. Jumpers should be black, waist length and v necked so that the House tie is clearly visible. Cardigans and jumpers should not be worn instead of a Blazer (only in summer term will this be permitted with the summer polo).


Conventional black school trousers which are tailored. Tailored means not tight fitting or figure hugging and not made from stretchy fabrics.  Conventional black school trousers means without rivets on pockets or jean-like design.


Black knee lengths skirts which do not have a visible gold/silver zip and are not made of stretchy fabrics


All students should wear their House clip on tie when not in summer uniform.


Shoes are to be formal black shoes with a black sole. Boots, black trainers or trainer style shoes, black canvas pumps, backless slip on shoes are not permitted. There should be no logos on school shoes.


Baseball caps, hats are not to be worn.


Unnecessary jewellery should not be worn for safety reasons.  Single ear studs worn in each lobe are permitted, however these should be removed for PE lessons. No other piercings are allowed.

Make up

No excessive make up should be worn. Any student found to be wearing excessive makeup (this includes nail varnish) will be required to remove it.

Hair Colour/Hairstyles

The colouring of parts of the hair where there is a complete contrast to the main colour is not permitted. Hair colour which is not considered to be natural e.g. blues and purples are not permitted. Students are not to have their hair cut very short (no shorter than grade 2) or have a large variation between hair length in different parts. Having lines or patterns cut into hair is not acceptable. Students with long hair must ensure this does not impede their vision, cover their face or provide a health and safety risk.

No hooded tops are to be brought onto the school (aside from the Year 11 hoody for students meeting the set criteria);

Outdoor items such as coats, hats and scarves can be worn to and from the school;
however, these should be removed before entering the buildings.
During periods of inclement weather we encourage students to wear suitable outdoor coats to make sure that they are warm and dry.


Summer Uniform
After May half term students may wear a Sherburn High School polo shirt in the appropriate House colour.  The wearing of a SHS polo shirt is entirely optional.  Blazers are not required after the May half term holiday.
Students must return in September of each academic year in their full Sherburn High School uniform.  Polo shirts are not permitted in September

Examples of Sherburn High Uniform:

Winter Uniform

House Ties

Summer Uniform

Girls Skirt Length

PE and Games Wear


If hair is long it should be tied back for practical lessons. Extremes of colour, style, words and patterns shaved into the hair are inappropriate for school. Outdoor coats are not to be worn in PE.

The wearing of jewellery is dangerous and therefore not allowed, but if children have pierced ears they may wear one set of studs.

All students are required to bring the correct kit to their PE lesson even if they have a note to be excused. This will allow excused students to assist in the lesson with tasks such as coaching, officiating, setting up of equipment and assisting the teacher with tasks such as measuring and timing.

If a student refuses to borrow kit, even with a note they will be sanctioned via the departmental system which could result in isolation.

3G Footwear Requirements- Only moulded studs are acceptable​

All clothing and equipment should be labelled with the owners name.

Examples of PE uniform:



Outdoor PE Kit
Indoor PE Kit

Year 07 - 11 Outside PE Kit

Year 07 - 11 Indoor/Athletics Kit

Outdoor PE Kit

Year 07 - 11 Outside PE Kit

Indoor PE Kit

Year 07 - 11 Indoor/Athletics Kit

School Equipment

The Internet

Students are very good at using the Internet as a means of communicating with each other. We need to work in partnership in order to avoid inappropriate communications by students to each other using social Internet sites from home. This is a practice that has annoying and sometimes dangerous consequences. Would parents please monitor usage of this aspect of the Internet by their children at home?

The School Planner

The vast majority of students use the school planner properly, but some do not. Regular checks are made to see that all students are using planners correctly. The planner is an excellent means of communication between home and school. A planner which is poorly kept, has graffiti in it and has a lack of information in it – such as no homework, is an indication of a student who is underachieving and would be of concern to us and no doubt of concern to parents/carers. Students who graffiti their planner will be expected to purchase a new one.

Equipment for School

Starting the day with the correct equipment is fundamental to a successful day. Students will need the following equipment from September:
Two blue or black pens
A red pen
A yellow highlighter
A glue stick
A pencil
An eraser
A ruler

A whiteboard pen
Students will also need a Casio FX83GT Plus calculator (which can be purchased from The Works for £7.49).

Please ensure that student’s school bags are large enough to carry their equipment and exercise books (which are predominately A4 in size).


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Please refer the Behavior Policy: Link to Policy


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