About Sherburn High School

Sherburn High School is situated in an attractive position on the western fringes of the village of Sherburn in Elmet, which lies in the M1/A1/A64 corridor between Leeds and York. First class housing and education choices, and a wide range of leisure opportunities are also available. We are a thriving school community that is big enough to deliver but small enough to care.

The school boasts a sports hall and gymnasium, large playing fields and an indoor heated swimming pool. The school offers an extensive range of lunchtime clubs and activities. There is a thriving Youth Club and Activities Centre through which young people aged 14 to 18 have the opportunity to undertake a variety of activities. The school aims to create and maintain a happy and purposeful working atmosphere through good quality relationships between students, staff, parents, governors and the community at large.

School Aims:

‘Achievement for All’


• Providing an entitlement to challenging and enjoyable learning experiences

• Having high expectations of everyone

• Developing confident, ambitious and determined learners who take pride in everything they do

• Ensuring that everyone feels safe, secure and happy to be at school

• Promoting the acquisition of life skills and a growth mind-set

• Valuing and celebrating each individual’s progress and effort

• Supporting, guiding and inspiring each individual in order to maximise their potential

• Expecting personal responsibility and respect for others

• Developing strong partnerships with other schools and the wider community

We believe that everyone matters


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School Day:

Staff Briefing 15 8:25 - 8:40  
Registration / Tutorial or Assembly 20 8:40 - 9:00  
Lesson 1 60 9:00 - 10:00  
Lesson 2 60 10:00 - 11:00  
Break 15 11:00 - 11:15  
Lesson 3 60 11:15 - 12:15  
Lunch 45 12:15 - 13:00  
Lesson 4 60 13:00 - 14:00  
Lesson 5 60 14:00 - 15:00  


School Code

At Sherburn we aim to:

Show consideration for everyone in school
Have all the necessary equipment for each lesson
Enter school buildings sensibly and safely
Respect the property of other people
Be dressed appropriately in school uniform
Use every opportunity to learn
Remember to listen before we speak
Notice and appreciate each other’s achievements


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Students should always be commended for good behaviour. At Sherburn High School we believe that students learn by praise, reward and celebration of achievement. The list below illustrates the various rewards that are given out in school:

1. Verbal and non-verbal praise by staff.

2. Stamps and comments in books and planners.

3. Positive letters home / Postcards.

4. Achievement points / comments on Sims

5. Public recognition of achievement: assembly, newsletters, annual prize-giving, press releases and log book.

6. Group achievement recognition: Inter-house trophies based on attendance, sporting and other competitions and vivos.

7. Individual effort / achievement recognised by vivos, leading to Reward Prizes. Vivo totals shown in assemblies.

8. Form groups will be rewarded for behaviour and attendance with non-uniform days.

9. Termly certificates awarded in assemblies.

10. Headteacher nomination by subject staff to see the Headteacher Friday lesson 5 with outstanding work and details published on website.


Vivo Miles is an award-winning rewards platform for schools, allowing teachers to award students electronic points called “Vivos”, redeemable on a wide selection of rewards from a customisable catalogue.

Unique to the scheme is the Vivo rewards card, which every student gets and loves. The card and the scheme’s currency - the Vivo - go beyond conventional stickers and stars to offer a real-life vehicle for financial learning. The scheme offers:

• Buy-in

A reward system that’s understood and valued by all students of all ages, and one which captures the silent majority of students who often go unnoticed.

• Its own currency

Students save and spend Vivos on their choice of rewards (and develop their financial capability in the process).

• ...and RESULTS!

A system that has proven its ability to increase student motivation, improve behaviour, attendance and achievement as well as encourage parent engagement.


Attendance Certificates will be awarded to students who achieve 100% attendance in a half term, a whole term and a full year.
Vivos will be awarded on a weekly basis for each individual student with 100% attendance.

Headteacher Nominations:

A Headteacher Nomination is awarded by a subject teacher for students who produce outstanding work. These will be recorded in the Headteacher’s Book of Excellence and will be recognised on the school website as student stars of the week.


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Home/School Agreement

During the time students are with us at Sherburn High, we believe that it is very important that a spirit of trust and co-operation is built up between teachers, parents and young people. This agreement sets out some of the specific ways in which we can all play our part to achieve this positive atmosphere expressing the willingness of all concerned to work together for the benefit of all young people in the school.

The school will:

•Provide a caring, supportive environment in which each individual is valued

•Provide a full and balanced curriculum which educates each student to the best of his/her ability

•Provide records and information about each child’s educational progress as well as the child’s development in other areas of school

•Arrange regular meetings with each child’s teachers and be available at other times when concerns or questions arise, keeping parents informed about problem areas

Parents will:

•Ensure that their child attends school regularly and punctually, avoiding holidays during term time and providing school with a note to cover any absence

•Support and work with the school and encourage a positive attitude to education

•Support the discipline procedures of the school

•Support the school ethos of homework, discussing it with their child when signing the student planner each week

•Ensure that their child meets school requirements regarding uniform and general appearance and has appropriate equipment for each day

•Let the school know of any concerns about their child’s education, attend meetings at school to discuss progress and to learn about the work of the school, inform of any factors which may affect their child’s performance in school.


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Classroom expectations

Class Rules

• Arrive on time with all required equipment

• Wear your uniform correctly

• Do as you are asked by staff, first time, every time

• Do your work well without disturbing others, understanding the consequences of bad behaviour

• Look to be rewarded and appreciate the achievements of others

• Record all homework and complete it on time


C1 1st Verbal Warning

C2 2nd Verbal Warning – Departmental sanction

C3 Removal to another lesson within department

- Automatic afterschool detention

C4 Immediate removal from lessons by Achievement Team

C5 Internal Exclusion

C6 External Exclusion


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Homework should be handed in on the date requested. Failure to do so will result in sanctions including a detention. Failure to hand in 3 homeworks in any week will result in a text to your parents informing them of this situation.

Homework is both important and necessary. Homework done regulary throughtout secondary school can be equivalent to an additional year of study!
Try to do your homework at the same time each day in a quiet place where you are free from distraction.

You are likely to achieve more by working regularly for relatively short periods (say 1 hour at a time) than in a single long session when your concentration will lapse.


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Sherburn High School Marking and Feedback Policy

The school has a new assessment and homework policy that clearly outlines how your childs work will be marked. Please use the following link to access this policy. Marking and Feeback Policy


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School Uniform

We would like to thank you for helping us maintain our high standards, particularly with uniform; your support is greatly appreciated. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the school’s Achievement Team.

The wearing of school uniform is required at all times. This includes travelling to and from school. It is designed to be comfortable, hard wearing and smart. All clothing should be clearly marked with the owner’s name in order that any misplaced clothing may be returned quickly.

All students in Year 7 to Year 11 are required to wear school uniform in accordance with the governors’ policy. A high standard of personal appearance is expected of all students. All clothing and equipment should be named.

The School Uniform

Students must be dressed in the following clothing:


Black with school badge & house badge


White long or short sleeved, tucked in and top button fastened


Black (not jeans, not fashion trousers eg: Harem pants or skinny trousers or trousers with fashion accessories.)
Girls may wear black skirts if they wish (skirts need to be on or below the knee)


Black or white.
Girls may wear neutral or black tights


Black - not boots, pumps, uggs or trainers. Please Click Here for Footwear Guidance


House Tie

School Uniform - Skirt

As previously announced, we have brought in guidelines for the type and length of skirt to be worn by girls in school. The school rule for skirt length states that skirts must be worn at or below the knee. The recommended style of skirt is made by Banner style no 3596, however any make is acceptable as long it is the same style. Examples of the skirt are available to look at and buy in school price £14.99. Please contact the finance office for further details.

The School Blazer

The wearing of the school blazer is compulsory around school, but may be removed in lessons at the discretion of the teacher. Jumpers are allowed to be worn underneath the blazer, but only if this is a plain black V-Neck jumper, no cardigans are allowed.


• Girls’ trousers are not to be fashion trousers, such as boot-cut or skinnies.

• Large belts are not to be worn at any time. Any belts worn should be black.

• Leggings are not to be worn.

• Boys’ trousers are not to be fashion trousers, such as combat or baggy trousers.


• Skirts are to be worn below the knee and school skirts can now be purchased from school.

• Tights are to be plain black, not patterned. If socks are worn they are to be plain black.


Your child requires a white shirt/blouse that buttons at the top. This is particularly important as clip on ties will only attach to a buttoned up shirt. Students are expected to have their shirt tucked in at all times.


All students must wear a clip on tie at all times.


Hooded tops, sweatshirts and ordinary jumpers are not to be worn on the school premises. If seen they will be confiscated. Coats are to be taken off as students enter the school building.


• School shoes are to be plain black shoes.

• Boots are not allowed nor black shoes, which are similar to black training shoes.

• Fashion shoes, such as black canvas pumps, backless slip-on shoes, boots or training shoes are not to be worn.

• No shoes with labels (e.g.: Adidas) are permitted.


• Only one small round stud to be worn in each ear.

• Rings and bracelets/bands of any sort (except medical) are not to be worn.

• Body piercing is not permissible.

• Jewellery, other than the above is not to be worn.

Pupils who wear jewellery will have it confiscated and it will not be returned until the last week of that particular half term. This includes those pupils who are seen wearing jewellery coming into school or leaving school.


Lipstick and eye shadow are not allowed, however the discreet use of light foundation and mascara is acceptable only by students in Years 9, 10 and 11. Fake tan and similar products which are not discreet and are clearly visible are not permitted.

Hair Colour / Hair Style

Regarding hair colouring, the colouring of parts of the hair so that they are a complete contrast to the other colour is not allowed, e.g. blonde hair with red streaks. Hair colour which is not considered to be natural or an extreme colour, e.g. reds, blues and purples, are not allowed.

In addition, boys having lines or patterns cut into their hairstyle, e.g. V cuts are not acceptable. Pupils with long hair must ensure that this does not impede their vision, cover their face or provide a health and safety risk. They will be required to tie it back where necessary. Bandana style headbands and flowers/bows or excessive hair accessories are not to be worn. Plain hair clips or bands are acceptable.

Examples of Sherburn High Uniform:

School Uniform


Winter Uniform

House Ties


PE and Games wear

White PE T-Shirt

Red & Black fully reversable rugby shirt

Plain black cotton shorts


Football boots

White short socks

Red football socks

Swimming shorts


White T-Shirt, with Collar

Black Draw-string shorts

(not cycling shorts)


Football boots

White short socks

Red hockey socks

One piece swimming costume

Optional Items
Gum shield
(strongly recommended for rugby)
Black pullover

Track suit (without hood) of a subdued colour
Track suit (without hood) of a subdued colour

Running spikes
All clothing and equipment should be named

Examples of PE uniform


All clothing and equipment should be labelled with the owners name. If hair is long, it should be tied back for practical lessons. Extremes of hair colour and style are inappropriate for school. Outdoor coats are not to be worn in school.

The wearing of jewellery is dangerous and therefore not allowed, but if children have pierced ears they may wear one set of studs.


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School Equipment

The Internet

Pupils are very good at using the Internet as a means of communicating with each other. We need to work in partnership in order to avoid inappropriate communications by pupils to each other using social Internet sites from home. This is a practice that has annoying and sometimes dangerous consequences. Would parents please monitor usage of this aspect of the Internet by their children at home?

The School Planner

The vast majority of pupils use the school planner properly, but some do not. Regular checks are made to see that all pupils are using planners correctly. The planner is an excellent means of communication between home and school. A planner which is poorly kept, has graffiti in it and has a lack of information in it – such as no homework, is an indication of a pupil who is underachieving and would be of concern to us and no doubt of concern to parents/carers. Pupils who graffiti their planner will be expected to purchase a new one.

Equipment for School

Every pupil should have a pen, pencil, ruler and rubber for school every day. Your child will also require a calculator every day and a compass and protractor for maths lessons. In the event of a pupil forgetting or losing some equipment, replacement equipment can be purchased in the Library, which is open every morning from 8-8.30am. School bags should be large enough to allow A4 size books/files to be put in. Small bags, such as boot bags or other similar fashion bags are not suitable for use as a school bag. Your child will also require a calculator, compass and protractor for all Maths lessons.

Electrical Equipment

Mobile phones and iPods etc. must be switched off during the school day; 8.35am-3.00pm. If a student is found to be using electrical equipment during the school day it will be confiscated and returned at the end of the day on the first occasion. On the second occasion it will be confiscated for a week. Persistent offenders will have their equipment confiscated and it will only be returned once parents have made an appointment to meet with the Achievement Team. Pupils are strongly discouraged from bringing costly items into school such as mobile phone and iPods and do so on the understanding that the school does not accept any responsibility if this item goes missing.


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An atmosphere conducive to learning in which each individual student may be encouraged to realise his or her potential is essential. This can only be achieved by the setting of high standards underpinned by a consistent set of values, by support and encouragement of students towards high attainment and personal responsibility, and by an ordered discipline within the school. In such an atmosphere students will feel secure and members of staff, both teaching and non-teaching, will be accorded proper respect and consideration.

The most valuable kind of discipline is self-discipline. This is to be encouraged through close collaboration between the home and the school. Students are kept aware of the school's code of behaviour which is based on consideration of the needs of other members of the school and of the wider community.


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Staff List

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