Where science and art collide!

October 6th, 2017

What a start it has been to the term, the Big Bang Club was relaunched in the middle of September and is open to all Year 7 and 8 pupils. We have been carrying out a lot of exciting experiments, starting off with fire writing, where members produced some fantastic designs along with rather a lot of smoke!

Following on the theme of heating, members carried out experiments heating solid chemicals, if you know a Big Bang Club member, why not ask them what turns from a grey metallic solid to a purple gas, or a pink crystal to a blue liquid.

By the time you read this the Big Bang Club will have completed their investigations into the acidity and alkalinity of household substances using natural indicators and then producing some chemical art, showing that science is indeed all around us. If you are visiting school you may well see the work displayed in the science department.

As bonfire night approaches we have some exciting activities ahead of us and who knows what Christmas will bring.

Big Bang